Lesson plan: Drawing  to a story

Lesson plan: Drawing to a story

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Lesson  plan: Drawing to a story  

During the lesson the children get to start a project of drawing to a story. To begin with, the teacher presents the method to the children by showing example. To follow the on-going theme, the story should be related with ocean. Note: choose a story that you have already read to the children during the theme

Duration of activities: 30-60 min

Learning objectives

  • Practice active listening skills
  • Practice combining spoken language and related pictures
  • Practice fine motor skills
  • Practice creativity

About the lesson plans

Huippu Education's lesson plans are based on a holistic approach to learning. 
As well, the plans follow theme-based learning. A lesson or activity is always conducted together with the children.

The lesson plans aim to engage the children and to connect the topic to children's real-life experiences. We want to encourage exploring and investigating, and use a variety of learning methods simultaneously. We also make sure we apply what has been learned, discussed, or played with the topic we are exploring.