Introduction to the Best Finnish practices for meeting the diverse needs of the learners

Introduction to the Best Finnish practices for meeting the diverse needs of the learners

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The course introduces the learner to the different pedagogical practices that are used in Finland to meet the diverse needs of the children.

The course introduces the holistic approach to special needs and focuses on the three-phase model for providing support for the children, which forms the basis for the Finnish approach to meeting the diverse needs of the children.

The course offers a variety of practical tips and tools for the learners to utilize in order to meet the needs of the children they are working with.

Note: the course works and an introduction for the courses that explain the different categories of special needs in more detail.  

For whom?

The course is designed for teachers and other education professionals who are interested in getting to know more about the best Finnish education practices, especially in the context of special needs education and meeting the diverse needs of the children.

Learning objectives 

  • Learn to appreciate and acknowledge diversity in the context of Early childhood education
  • Become familiar with concepts related to belonging
  • Reflect on your working methods and values related to education
  • Learn to recognize different segregative, integrative and inclusive principles and gain tips on how to utilize some of the best Finnish pedagogical practices and working methods in your daily work
  • Understand the benefits of Inclusive education for all

How will you learn?

The course includes a variety of activating tasks, such as open questions, video and audio materials, gaming, and working in collaboration with the other course participants. Also, the course includes practical tasks to be conducted with a group of children. If you are not working with children at the time of completing the course, this is not an obstacle to attending the course. 

Course duration: approx 4 hours of study

Schedule example

  • Day 1: Course instructions, introduction, The diverse view of the world and the children, Different approaches to belonging  (60 min, on-demand)  
  • Day 2: Equality and equity -section (30 min, on-demand)
  • Day 3: Towards integrative practices (1,5 h, on-demand) 
  • Day 4: Striving towards Inclusion (40 min, on-demand)
  • Day 5: Justifications for Inclusive working methods, Glossary, Concluding exercise, Additional resources (1,5 h, on-demand) 
  • Days 6-14: time to complete the course at your own pace.

Course start dates

You can start the course at any time. 

How to sign up?
Buy the course from our online store. Once the payment is complete, you will receive an invitation email to our online learning platform where you will be guided through the course.