Critical Thinking in Primary Education

Critical Thinking in Primary Education

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This course will introduce you to teaching critical thinking as one of the 21st-century skills from the perspective of primary education. We will guide you through the philosophy of critical thinking, introduce you to various teaching methods to use in primary education, and discuss the assessment of thinking skills.

For whom?

Teachers of all levels of education, and other education professionals. All the methods and pedagogical tips provided in this course can be implemented in any subject and on any level of education.

Before starting this course, we recommend learning more about the other courses on the 21st-century skills provided by Huippu Education. Together with Multimedia Literacy Skills in Primary Education, this course provides a comprehensive view of teaching thinking skills.

What will you learn?

The main learning objective of this course is to enhance teachers' skills in teaching critical thinking as one of the 21st skills. Huippu Education provides practical tips on including critical thinking skills into the curriculum and pedagogical teaching methods on applying these skills in the classroom.

In this course, you will

  • Learn about teaching critical thinking as one of the 21st-century skills
  • Learn how to support students’ thought process and guide them to process information efficiently
  • Be provided with pedagogical tips on how to include critical thinking into the curriculum
  • Explore teaching methods that motivate learners to expand their view, form opinions and express themselves effectively
  • Learn how to assess students’ thought process
  • Discover and discuss challenges teachers typically face with teaching critical thinking
  • Apply your knowledge by completing creative course assignments
  • Be encouraged to share our thoughts about this course with us and other learners

How will you learn?

  • Reading and analyzing multimedia sources such as text, images, video and audio
  • Answering multi-choice and open-ended questions
  • Joining a gaming activity
  • Preparing a learning session plan
  • Q&A with a Finnish education expert
  • Sharing your thoughts and ideas with other participants

Course schedule
You can begin the course at any time. There will be several options available for the live Q&A session with the trainer. You can attend the one that fits your schedule the best. 

How to sign up?
Buy the course from our online store. Once the payment is complete, you will receive an invitation email to our online learning platform where you will be guided through the course.