Lesson plan: Story crafting method

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Lesson plan: Story crafting method

For children, 4-6 years old

The story crafting method is an excellent way to foster the children’s creativity and language learning.

To follow the theme, choose pictures, figures or other play items that are related with the ocean-theme as the inspration for the children’s stories

Duration of activities: 30-60 min

Learning objectives

  • Learning about the items that can be found in the ocean
  • Practice making careful observations using visual sense
  • Practice making careful observations using auditory sense
  • Practice environmental awareness

About the lesson plans

Huippu Education's lesson plans are based on a holistic approach to learning. 
As well, the plans follow theme-based learning. A lesson or activity is always conducted together with the children.

The lesson plans aim to engage the children and to connect the topic to children's real-life experiences. We want to encourage exploring and investigating, and use a variety of learning methods simultaneously. We also make sure we apply what has been learned, discussed, or played with the topic we are exploring