Lesson plan: Practicing shapes and letters using sensory boards

Lesson plan: Practicing shapes and letters using sensory boards

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Lesson plan: Practicing shapes and letters using  sensory  boards

For children, 4-6 years old

During the lesson, the children craft sensory boards of sand and practice making shapes, letters, and numbers using the board. Note: modify the activity according to the children’s abilities and the content they are currently practicing.

Duration of activity: 30-60 min

Learning objectives: What are the children practicing during the session

  • Practice naming and forming different letters and numbers
  • Enjoy the sensory emotions
  • Enhance creativity

About the lesson plans

Huippu Education's lesson plans are based on a holistic approach to learning. 
As well, the plans follow theme-based learning. A lesson or activity is always conducted together with the children.

The lesson plans aim to engage the children and to connect the topic to children's real-life experiences. We want to encourage exploring and investigating, and use a variety of learning methods simultaneously. We also make sure we apply what has been learned, discussed, or played with the topic we are exploring.